Conversations with Lysander cover a wide range of topics having mostly to do with the IRS but might include other liberty topics, like the head of the snake (the Fed), NSA spying, encryption and Bitcoin.

IRS topics include: alternatives to U.S. Tax Court, administrative protests, appeals, objections and settlements, the best cases to take to tax court, which cases should never be taken to that forum, and those that fall in between.

The timeline for the following chat is below the video. Due to a technical snafu, this conversation starts in the middle of a sentence.

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Timeline, people & company references from today’s conversation:

  • Glenn Ambort
  • Using a bar attorney as opposed to pro se
  • Wildcat Moving: challenged by state of KY for not having a license; George Will wrote about the case here
  • Institute for Justice
  • Gov is lawmaker, victim, judge and jailer
  • IMF: Individual master file
  • IRS Source code for the IMF software
  • 4:00 Mr. Bailey (a taxpayer) is fighting IRS and needs access to the IMF source code
  • 5:00 Criminal defense insurance with Free Enterprise Society, Larry Becraft
  • 7:00 Glenn Ambort and the King’s forms used here: statute staple contract
  • 10:00 Affidavits and taxes
  • 11:00 sign a 1040, give up your 5th amendment rights
  • 11:30 Bill Conklin vs IRS: “Can I sign this without waiving my 5th amendment rights?”
  • 14:30 1856 Murray’s Lessee against hoboken: summary admin procedures, statute staple contracts
  • 16:15 1862 passage of first income tax, still basis of today’s income tax, early language was crystal clear that it applied only to those with fed privilege, not to the working man
  • 17:00 direct taxes
  • 17:40 tax collectors worked on commission