Woman Indicted for Failure to Commit Court Ordered Perjury

Forced TestimonyCLICK HERE FOR UPDATE AS OF 11/3/2013, Doreen Hendrickson’s case goes to the jury.

Doreen Hendrickson, wife of Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code – the Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America, has been indicted for failure to commit court ordered perjury. In the Eastern District of Michigan, they are calling it criminal contempt of court.

The Michigan court has ordered Doreen to file amended tax returns that reflect the amounts of income the government alleges she received.

No government or private sector witness has actually testified that the payments Doreen received are taxable “wages.” The government is placing its faith in the hearsay on a form W-2.

Doreen has refuted that form with sworn testimony on her return. But that testimony doesn’t suit the IRS or the Court.

The Court has ordered Doreen to put the numbers the government claims are accurate onto the return, and to swear that they are accurate and reflect taxable wages. Since she must sign an amended return under penalty of perjury, to now adopt the government’s figures would require that Doreen also commit perjury.

The job of the courts is to receive testimony from opposing parties and apply the law to that testimony. Courts are most definitely not empowered to dictate what testimony is to be given. But that hasn’t phased the robes in the Eastern District of Michigan. They are ordering Doreen to testify, and telling her what she must say. How does this differ from a coerced confession?

You can find the details in Doreen’s Motion And Affidavit.


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