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IRS Questions?

Lysander Venible,  author of On Your Own In Tax Court,  will be available to answer your questions about any IRS administrative or Tax Court issue you have.

Tax Law, Tax Court, Non-Filers, Collections, Liens,  Levies,  Penalties , Hearings, Audits, Notices, Refunds, you name it.

Lysander has spent more than a decade studying and working with the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court. He does so on a daily basis. He has learned a lot about administrative procedures and how to conduct both administrative and court cases with the IRS. He can save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of money and headaches in dealing with the Service.

Bring your questions about your current IRS problems or just join us to tell us about your experiences with everyone’s favorite government agency.

The IRS Q&A webinar is this Sunday night from 8pm to 9pm EDT online.

Join us this Sunday night for a FREE IRS Q&A Webinar!How to Join the Webinar

Send me an email* with your question or remarks. If you don’t have a question and just want to listen in, that’s fine, too! Just send an email with a little bit about your situation or your interest in IRS topics.

We’ll reply with a link to join the webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You’ll also get a US phone number if you want to call in.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a discussion of patriot or conspiracy theories. Not that some of them aren’t perfectly valid. On Sunday night, we will focus on your questions about your current IRS problems and how you might most effectively address them.

The goal is to keep your principles and stay out of trouble. Talk with you Sunday!

*This email address is encryption ready. Let’s exchange keys, then our emails are private. Click here for my public key.


Lysander Venible is the author of "On Your Own in Tax Court," a book about how to save your shirt in U.S. tax court. He has been engaged with the Service for over 10 years both administratively and in tax court.

If you have questions, topics or a situation you'd like to discuss, comment below or click the "About/Contact" tab above.

Lysander is not an attorney and it is not his intent to offer legal advice.

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4 comments to FREE IRS Q&A Webinar with Lysander

  • Roy

    Lysander, is there anything that can be done after the collection has started on a Notice of Levy.I’m a retired union boilermaker and I retired in March of 2013 well in June of 2014 the Boilermakers Bank started withholding from my pension check and sends the money to the IRS after they had received a Notice of Levy in April 2014 and honored it. Just so you know this all stems from not filing 1040’s and going “exempt” on the private sector construction jobs I worked on.I realize this is not much info but I’m sure you get the gist of it. I would like to be able to send a letter to the Boilermakers Bank Pension Manager and hopefully resolve this matter, I have no intention of going on an “Offer in Compromise, either I’m “Liable” or I’m not and I want the IRS to show me where I am liable. Thank You for your time.

    • Lysander

      There are a few ways to stop or reduce the size of a levy, but you are so late in the game that you are unlikely to be able to simply stop it without paying. Contact me at lysandervenible at startmail dot com if you would like to discuss it.

  • mark salerno

    I’m thinking of not filing for 2016. what really conserns me rite now is what’s going to happen for the previous years (that scares me)Any suggestions?

    • Lysander

      Not filing is dangerous if the Service is receiving “information reports” about your earnings. (W-2s or 1099s) There are ways to file, however that do not declare liability and are “substantially compliant” such that you are safe from failure to file and evasion charges. Please contact me at lysandervenible at startmail dot com for more information about it.

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