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Doreen Hendrickson, wife of Pete Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America has a court hearing set for December 10, 2014, 1:30 pm, 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit 48226, 2nd floor, Victoria Roberts presiding, for sentencing on a contempt of court charge.

This is a case of retaliation against Doreen’s husband for his book, which clearly defines the difference between taxable income and earnings that are not taxable under the IRS Code.  Though numerous attempts have been made to discredit and suppress the book, especially through deliberate misrepresentation of its contents by government officials, nothing actually revealed in the book has ever been disputed.

Not being able to dispute the veracity of the book, and having been forced to return billions of improperly-collected tax dollars to hundreds of thousands of readers over the eleven years Cracking the Code… has been in print, the full weight and force of the IRS and the United States Justice Department have been leveled against the wife of the author. It might be noted here that even organized crime has a code of honor that they will do no harm to the wives and children of their adversaries.

Officially, Doreen is being punished for resisting orders written by a DOJ attorney and issued by a federal judge commanding her to replace her previous sworn statements in a legal dispute over whether or not she owed federal income taxes with sworn statements dictated by the government. The coerced statements would declare that she believes herself liable for the disputed amounts.

Although a government official signing such statements himself would serve as a claim to the money, none has been willing to do so. The total dollar figure involved in the case that would either remain with Mrs. Hendrickson or transfer to the United States is less than $1000.

This is not a Tax Case!

This case involves government orders that Doreen declare, under penalty of perjury, something she believes to be untrue. The contempt charge is for refusing to obey the order. This is a blatant disregard of her First Amendment right to free speech. Can the government, even through a judge, order anyone to say or admit to something not believed or proven to be true and then cite her for contempt for refusing to obey the order? The government says yes, but the First Amendment says no!

The federal prosecutors– specialists flown in from Washington– even had the audacity to ask (and were granted) that the jury be barred from considering the “unlawfulness or unconstitutionality” of the orders.

The jury was lied to by the DOJ prosecutors, while Doreen was prevented from completing her opening and closing arguments. Over and over again, throughout the trial, the US attorneys kept saying Doreen was only being ordered to “say what was correct”. Their Closing Argument was little more than pounding on the podium and shouting that Doreen was told what was correct by the judge, and so how could the jury imagine that she could honestly believe otherwise?!

The First and Fifth Amendment rights of all Americans are on the chopping block in the prosecution of Doreen Hendrickson, and the precedent it sets. What might YOU be ordered to say for the government’s convenience?

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