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“Before filing any tax court case, you need to read “On Your Own In Tax Court” by Lysander Venible.  This book has clearly written details and facts on how to maneuver through tax court on your own. It has a lot of examples, a detailed table of contents, and an extensive bibliography for pertinent references.”

–Susan L,  Austin, Texas

“I came across Lysander’s work in the middle of my tax court case, and immediately saw the errors I had already made, errors that I could have easily avoided by first scanning through a few pages of Venible’s book. The text is easy to read, well organized, and written to the basic knowledge level of the average person, and I strongly recommend you this book.”

— Anne R,  Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are going to tax court, you need this book! “On Your Own In Tax Court” will help you navigate the “tax court waters” with confidence, not fear. It is an easy read, written in every day language. Read it through initially to get the over all picture, then use it as a step by step manual to help you hit your dates and deadlines. It is a great reference resource, a play book of sorts for your journey leading up to, through, and after your trial.

— Johnny C.,   Tampa, Florida

On Your Own in Tax Court (“OYO”) is an invaluable resource for anyone trying a case in Tax Court.  Without the knowledge and guidance in OYO, I would have been like a fish in barrel for my opponent.  With OYO: I was able to understand the process, see the traps my opponent was setting for me, and most importantly to take the actions necessary to avoid them.  Thanks Lysander!!

— Dave D., Toledo, Ohio

I sure wish I had this book going into my recent tax court experience. It makes many topics accessible to the newbie. I think you’ll agree with me that On Your Own in Tax Court is essential for the self represented tax court litigant. Get this book and and ramp up FAST with the info you need to survive!

Darrell G., Newburg, New York

Received your book. You are right on. I’ve been at “War” with the IRS since 1990.The reason I am excited about your book is that finally I’ve come in contact with someone who gets it and has been there and done that.Your material is well worth the $ and then some. Thank you.

–Jimmy G,  Massachusetts

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