Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax

rothbard-on-taxes2I just got an email from RandPacUSA that says Senator Paul wants to end the IRS (yay!) and replace it with… the Flat Tax? Why not the Fair Tax?

Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax

It actually seems remotely possible that the IRS is on the way out. Hey, we can dream. Since politicians are going to demand something to replace the IRS (“Who will build the roads?”), there is a decision to be made. Flat or Fair?

  • Flat Tax: still an income tax, everyone is taxed the same %
  • Fair Tax: a federal level sales tax: you keep your whole paycheck as the Constitution intends and only pay taxes on what you spend

“You don’t pay taxes-they take taxes.” ― Chris Rock

Easy answer in this house: NO to a Flat tax. Here’s why:

  • It is still an income tax which is a head tax which makes it unconstitutional. Yes, the current income tax is constitutional as written. However, it is fraudulently applied due to the misuse of defined terms. Pete got that right!
  • It is still ripe for political manipulation, political weaponry and tyrannical abuse.
  • The gov will still be in our personal affairs requiring the annual confession.
  • We will most likely still be required to prepay “our share.”​​
  • All those gun-toting IRS employees will become the gun-toting Flat Tax employees. Same old manure, different barn.
  • The worst part? Passing a Flat tax will require that Congress amend the Constitution to make a head tax constitutional.

Absolutely not.

Yes, end the IRS. Then institute the Fair tax.

Because a tax on your labor is not compatible with a free society.


Lysander Venible is the author of "On Your Own in Tax Court," a book about how to save your shirt in U.S. tax court. He has been engaged with the Service for over 10 years both administratively and in tax court.

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3 comments to Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax

  • Javier Gonzalez

    How about a flat NO to any kind of taxes??? No man has the right to take another’s property, period.

    Until we stand up to tyranny, we will continue to be slaves!!

    The only way to free yourself from the chains of slavery is to realize that you are being tricked into believing you are something that you are not.

    No thyself!! Do you know who you are??



  • Chris

    How do you know RP’s ‘Flat Tax’ is a ‘direct tax’?
    I attempted to get an answer out of him on what kind of tax it is, and what authority he has under the constitution to levy it, and he answered me with *silence*. I also noticed he promised to ‘save us’, from the IRS, but he made no mention of returning to “gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt” and abolishing the fiat money system. Until that tyranny is ended, no tax change will make any difference.
    What facts do you rely on that inform you what what kind of tax RP’s proposed tax is?
    Thanx … Chris

    • Lysander

      Whether it is a direct tax or not, and the Brushaber court made it clear that it is indirect, it is now being enforced as a direct tax against the labor of Americans. Rand Paul’s proposal for a single rate of tax will not change the nature of how it is being enforced. Any mention of whether the tax is direct or indirect in Tax Court will be shouted down with threats of frivolous penalties. It is the “Fair Tax” that would be a distinctly indirect tax on consumption. It would be superior in every way to our current deceptively enforced system.

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