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rothbard-on-taxes2I just got an email from RandPacUSA that says Senator Paul wants to end the IRS (yay!) and replace it with… the Flat Tax? Why not the Fair Tax?

Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax

It actually seems remotely possible that the IRS is on the way out. Hey, we can dream. Since politicians are going to demand something to replace the IRS (“Who will build the roads?”), there is a decision to be made. Flat or Fair?

  • Flat Tax: still an income tax, everyone is taxed the same %
  • Fair Tax: a federal level sales tax: you keep your whole paycheck as the Constitution intends and only pay taxes on what you spend

“You don’t pay taxes-they take taxes.” ― Chris Rock

Easy answer in this house: NO to a Flat tax. Here’s why:

  • It is still an income tax which is a head tax which makes it unconstitutional. Yes, the current income tax is constitutional as written. However, it is fraudulently applied due to the misuse of defined terms. Pete got that right!
  • It is still ripe for political manipulation, political weaponry and tyrannical abuse.
  • The gov will still be in our personal affairs requiring the annual confession.
  • We will most likely still be required to prepay “our share.”​​
  • All those gun-toting IRS employees will become the gun-toting Flat Tax employees. Same old manure, different barn.
  • The worst part? Passing a Flat tax will require that Congress amend the Constitution to make a head tax constitutional.

Absolutely not.

Yes, end the IRS. Then institute the Fair tax.

Because a tax on your labor is not compatible with a free society.