U.S. Tax Court Contact Information

Office of the Clerk of the Court,             202-606-8754
(1) General practice and procedure questions;
(2) General information.

Administrative Office,        202-606-8751
For copies of the Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Appellate Section,             202-606-8757
(1) Filing of notices of appeal from Tax Court decisions;
(2) Appellate procedure for review of Tax Court decisions.

Copywork Office,             202-606-8906
For copies of case documents.

Docket Section,                 202-606-8777
(1) Documents and pleadings filed after the petition;
(2) Action taken on documents filed;
(3) Status of cases.

Petitions Section,             202-606-8764
Information about filed petitions.

Public Files Section,        202-606-8727
Inspecting case files.



Lysander Venible is the author of "On Your Own in Tax Court," a book about how to save your shirt in U.S. tax court. He has been engaged with the Service for over 10 years both administratively and in tax court.

If you have questions, topics or a situation you'd like to discuss, comment below or click the "About/Contact" tab above.

Lysander is not an attorney and it is not his intent to offer legal advice.

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