Office of the Clerk of the Court,             202-606-8754
(1) General practice and procedure questions;
(2) General information.

Administrative Office,        202-606-8751
For copies of the Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Appellate Section,             202-606-8757
(1) Filing of notices of appeal from Tax Court decisions;
(2) Appellate procedure for review of Tax Court decisions.

Copywork Office,             202-606-8906
For copies of case documents.

Docket Section,                 202-606-8777
(1) Documents and pleadings filed after the petition;
(2) Action taken on documents filed;
(3) Status of cases.

Petitions Section,             202-606-8764
Information about filed petitions.

Public Files Section,        202-606-8727
Inspecting case files.