Unbroken Irwin Schiff Dies in Prison

It wasn’t the first time Uncle Sam had thrown Irwin Schiff in prison. But when he reported to start serving a 14 year sentence for “tax crimes” at age 77 he was fairly certain it would be the last.  He was right.

Irwin was a political prisoner. He was locked up as an example to those who might be inclined to ask the wrong questions about the modern application of the income tax. His trial was a model for federal “show trials,” devoid of fact evidence and laden with presumption, with a cooperative judge working with the DOJ to keep the defendant from presenting his case.

Irwin was not punished for crimes he committed. He was punished for government crimes he discovered and exposed.

After enduring a period of sadistic abuse that featured “diesel therapy” as chief among every day abuses of prison life, Mr. Schiff was placed in a prison close to his home and family. Later he was moved “for medical reasons” to a far more distant facility where visits were much less frequent because they were so much more difficult and expensive.

As irony would have it, he died of a neglected skin cancer for which he received no treatment at the special medical facility.

Two armed guards oversaw Irwin’s passing shackled to his death bed, unconcerned and unembarrassed by the absurd uselessness of their duty.

I hope there will always be a few among us who when they trip over the truth can’t just jump up and keep going as if they had never seen it, no matter the price of knowing the truth and saying what you know. Irwin was one of those people.

Irwin’s materials are still available. You can download his “Federal Mafia,” one of only two books ever banned by the federal government from his website, paynoincometax.com  The other banned book, by the way, according to Irwin’s son, Peter Schiff, was “Fanny Hill; Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure,” banned for obscenity in 1821 and 1963.

His son, investment adviser, Peter Schiff, wrote an obituary that I recommend. Death of a Patriot


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11 comments to Unbroken Irwin Schiff Dies in Prison

  • Thank you. This is who and what we must never forget, our modern day heroes: Irwin Schiff, Aaron Russo, Doreen Hendrickson, Ed and Elaine Brown, Gatewood Galbraith, Dick Simkanin, Oscar Stilley, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, William Binney, off the top of my head.

  • i am a christan and am appaled at how the prison officials murderd mr. shiff.
    especially thru crimminal neglect of hie medical needs.
    just so did they treat the apostle paul. he was much beaten and tortured by the roman guard until they actually killed him.
    but we know that there is one who will bring final justice to all.
    in the end those who either directly on indirectly were the cause of torture and death of irwin shiff and others and the godless judge who knew mr. shiff was right but sentenced him any way.
    must deal with a holy and just god.
    i believe in the end every man will get his just deserts that is a divine promise.
    you will not find justice here on earth because all are corrupt.

  • Alvis Jenkins

    Irwin Schiff is my hero for showing me back in 1998 how to stop paying federal income taxes, simply because the Constitution protected me from a direct tax and that the IRC had no provision by section in all of the subtitles that made me “made liable” for the tax. See also the “Index” to 26 U.S.C. under the caption of, “Liability for tax”, and you will not see “Income” listed as being liable for tax.
    Over the many years I have studied 26 U.S.C. and its “implementing” regulations, many court decisions and the IRM.
    For me the Tax Code is very plain and simple. Subtitle A has no provision by section that makes anyone “made liable” for the tax and subtitle C provides for withholding on federal employees (section 3401(c))employee defined, [ non-federal persons excluded] and at section 3402(p) where the federal employee can pay the tax by making a voluntary agreement with the employer to have tax withheld, or the federal employee can choose to not be made liable at section 3402(n). Sections 3403 and 3404 describe that the Government and its governmental employers are liable for collection, making a tax return, and payment of tax.
    How simple it is but most people will not take the time to check out this simple fact of law and had rather remain ignorant and pay the tax for fear that they might be prosecuted if they do not pay the tax. The IRS grins from ear to ear!!!

  • Alvis Jenkins

    Here is some useful info for those persons that have had their property seized (unlawfully) by the IRS for nonpayment of income tax.
    The following info proves that the income tax of subtitle A of 26 U.S.C. has never been mandated by law:

    The IRS is known for filing so-called notices of federal tax liens with county clerks of the circuit courts for persons that have been alleged to owe unpaid income tax by demand and went unpaid. This is problematic because the statute of section 6321 is implemented by regulation, as noted at GPO Access in the parallel table of authorities, for which 27 C.F.R. Part 70 controls. The IRS will cite in notices to the public for its auctions, that 26 C.F.R. regulations control which is absolutely false. After the IRS has filed what is actually a bogus notice of federal tax lien, it will notify the alleged taxpayer that it has intent to levy any personal property for the unpaid tax. However section 6331 (levy statute) is also regulated by 27 C.F.R. Part 70 in the parallel table of authorities. 27 C.F.R. Part 70 concerns alcohol. tobacco and firearms taxes. There is no 26 C.F.R. regulation listed in the parallel table of authorities that give either 6321 or 6331 authority to lien or levy for unpaid income taxes. So simple!!

  • Alvis Jenkins

    STAY OUT OF TAX COURT…..unless you are engaged in a trade or business with the United States.

  • I’m so glad I was looking for you Lysander-I didn’t know about Irwin Schiff passing away. It is a shame what they did to him all his life not to mention these last years in prison. I agree with the writers above, one day God will make all things right. Woe to them. I’ll be in touch with you Lysander.
    Betsy (we met at Federal Court in Detroit)

  • Alvis Jenkins

    To Lysander: Your statement, “That is generally sound advice, but not everyone should take it”.
    I know this is two years later, but who would be those who should not take this generally sound advice?

    • Lysander

      I mean that while you are correct concerning “federal income” you will never convince any U.S. court of your position. Those who are ready to take your advice will have also prepared themselves for a long hard fight. Those who have not prepared themselves financially by becoming “judgment proof” will almost certainly suffer financial punishment from the Service. While what you have said concerning the federal government’s limited jurisdiction and misuse of liens and levies is correct, it is also of no avail to those who suffer under them. The IRS is lawless because the federal and state courts allow the lawlessness.

  • Alvis Jenkins

    No American that never receives federal income should ever have withholding of tax on non-federal income and file a “return” when nothing is being returned to the Government that the Government never paid in wages. Filing a false tax return by American’s having no federal income causes them to commit perjury since they are admitting to being a federal person subject to the Internal Revenue Laws.

  • Alvis Jenkins

    The IRS, a public office of the seat of the United States Government is limited to its jurisdictional authority to the District of Columbia unless expressly stated otherwise by law. 4 U.S.C. 72

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