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Years ago when he needed it, Lysander Venible discovered how hard it is to find Tax Court help. He has been engaged with the IRS in the administrative process for over three decades. He has completed four Tax Court cases of his own. He has consulted with dozens and dozens of Tax Court petitioners, consultants, and attorneys. He’s written, read, and edited thousands of pleadings, court decisions, legal and administrative documents of all kinds.

On Your Own In Tax Court is the distillation of his firsthand experience. It represents the minimum legal knowledge he wishes he’d had going into his battle.

The information in his book is valuable to Tax Court petitioners regardless of the type of case they are taking to the U.S. Tax Court.

The book is not intended to convince anyone that there is something fishy about the income tax. The author urges all readers to do their own research and form their own opinions. To succeed in Tax Court you need to know the same basic legal information no matter what your issue or argument may be.

On Your Own in Tax Court gives you that essential basic legal know-how. It will improve your performance regardless of your issue.

Disclaimer: No Legal Advice

The author is not an attorney and it is not his intent to offer legal advice.

This book provides information about conducting a case in U.S. Tax Court without an attorney. The information is generally available from public sources, including, among others, the website of the United States Tax Court, law libraries, the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Rules of Evidence, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Internal Revenue Manual, and other publicly and privately published sources.

The author has also included information acquired from personal experience conducting and observing Tax Court cases. It is the author’s purpose to amplify and supplement available information with his own experience.

The book is sold with the understanding that the publisher and the author are not engaged in rendering legal, tax, accounting, or other professional services.

Disclaimer: Double Check Everything

Every effort has been made to make sure the information in the book is accurate and timely. There may be mistakes, both typographic and in content. Some of the most important pieces of information have been repeated in different sections of the book. You should use the book only as a general guide and not as a final authority on any matter it discusses.

Should you have questions about the law or its application to your situation, the author and publisher recommend you seek the assistance of competent legal counsel.

Engaging the Internal Revenue Service in Tax Court or any other venue should not be undertaken lightly. Your chances of victory are small. The consequences of your mistakes can be costly.

Partial victories, however, are not all that rare. Nearly half of all cases result in some reduction in the amount initially claimed by the IRS. If you believe you are correct about your issues, you should pursue them in Tax Court. The information in On Your Own in Tax Court will level the playing field for you.

Disclaimer: Liability

The author and publisher accept no responsibility or liability for loss or damage of any kind caused by or alleged to be caused by using information in On Your Own in Tax Court. By downloading and/or reading the book, you agree that your decisions and actions in dealing with the IRS or Tax Court are entirely your own and you take full personal responsibility for them.

You agree that you will not hold us liable for any loss or damage of any kind you may suffer in Tax Court or from the IRS generally.

You further agree that any damages we may be found responsible for in any forum will be limited to the donation you made for the book, if any.


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